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September In The Rain
Words by Al Dubin, Music by Harry Warren - 1937
Number 1 on the Hit Parade in 1937, played for 14 weeks.
F                  F6 Gm              G7    Dm            G7 C7
F               Fmaj7   Gm Gm7          C7 F
F                  F6 Gm              G7 Dm            G9 C7             C+  
F                 Am Dm              Am Gm -              Bbmaj7
Bbm6 -                  C7 F -                C+
F                 Am Dm              Am Gm -              Bbmaj7
Bbm6 -                  C7 F              Bb6 F
Cm7            F7 Cm7            F7 Bb6         Bbmaj7 -                 Bb6
Dm7            G7 Dm7            G7 C7            Gm7 C7              C+
F                 Am Dm              Am Gm -              Bbmaj7
Bbm6 -                  C7 F                Bb F      (C+ to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
My day dreams lie bur - ied in au - tumn leaves,  They're cov - ered with au - tumn rain,
The time is sweet Sep - tem - ber,  The place, a shad - y lane,
I'm rid - ing the wings of an au - tumn breeze,  Back to my mem - o - ries;
The leaves of brown came tum - bling down, re - mem - ber?
In Sep - tem - ber, in the rain,
The sun went out just like a dy - ing em - ber,
That Sep - tem - ber, in the rain,
To ev - 'ry word of love I heard you whis - per,
The rain - drops seemed to play a sweet re - frain,
Though Spring is here, to me it's still Sep - tem - ber,
That Sep - tem - ber, in the rain.
Listen to Jim and the WineLand Band play "September In The Rain" (YouTube)
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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