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Shadow Waltz
Words by Al. Dubin, Music by Harry Warren - 1933
Am -             B7 Em -             A7
Am7 -             D+ G -             E7
Am -             B7 Em -            F#7
Bm -             A7 D7 -
G -            Bm7 G D+
G -            Bm7 Am E7
Am7 -            Em7 D7 -
Edim        Em7 -             A7 Ddim         D7 -
G -            Bm7 G D+
G7 - C -
Am -            Cm G Bm         Ddim
D7 - G -  (D7 to chorus)
2nd Ending:
D7   G              Eb Am7
-             D7 G - -              (End)
12-beat intro. with 5 lead-in notes ("Shad -ows on the wall").
Play 3-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Shad -ows on the wall, I can see them fall
Here and there, ev -'ry where.
Sil -hou -ettes in blue, Danc -ing in the dew;
Here am I, where are you?
In the shad -ows, let me come and sing to you,
Let me dream a song that I can bring to you;
Take me in your arms and let me cling to you,
Let me lin -ger long, let me live my song.
In the win -ter, let me bring the spring to you,
Let me feel that I mean ev -'ry -thing to you;
Love's old song will be new,
In the shad -ows, when I come and sing to you.
2nd Ending:
In the shad -ows, when I come and sing to you, dear,
In the shad -ows, when I come and sing to you.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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