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Sheik Of Araby
Words & Music by Harry Smith, Francis Wheeler & Ted Snider -1921
Bbm        Gb7 C7        F7 Bbm       Cm7 Bbm       Cm7
Bbm        Gb7 C7        F7 Bbm       Cm7 Bbm       Cm7
Ebm - - -
F Bbm F -
Bbm        Gb7 C7        F7 Bbm        Cm7 Bbm       Cm7
F C7 F7 -
Bb -          Bdim Cm         F7 Cm                 F7
- - Bb -
Dm Dbdim Cm F7
Cm F7        F+ Bb         Gm C7           Eb   F7
Bb -          Bdim Cm -              F7
- - D+         D7 D+          D7
G+ - C7 -
F7 - Bb -  (F7 to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
O -ver the des -ert wild and free,
Rides the bold Sheik of Ar -a -by.
His A -rab band At his com -mand,
Fol -low his love's car -a -van.
Un -der the shad -ow of the palms;
He sings to call her to his arms.
"I'm the Sheik of Ar -a -by,
Your love be -longs to me.
At night when you're a -sleep,
In -to your tent I'll creep.
The stars that shine a -bove
Will light our way to love.
You'll rule this land with me,
The Sheik of Ar -a -by."

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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