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Words by Cecil Mack and Lew Brown, Music by Ford Dabney -  1924
Eb - F7 -
Bb7 - Eb Bb7
Eb - F7 -
Bb            Bb+ G7 Cm    Ebm   Dm   F7 Bb7
Eb Ebm       Adim Bb7 -
Eb Ebm       Adim Bb7 -
G7           Dm G7 Cm -
F7           Cm F7 Bb7 -
Eb Ebm       Adim Bb7 -
G7 - Cm           G7 Cm
Fm - Eb C7
Fm Bb7        Bb+ Eb -       (Bb7 to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Hap -py Jack, known a -round the town as "some" boot -black,
Nev -er wor -ried tho' he worked like sin, Had a grin Guar -an -teed to bring the bus -'ness in,
Ev -'ry day when they'd ask him how he got that way,
He would tell 'em "If you en -vy me, Just try my re -ci -pe:"
Shine a -way your blues -ies,
Shine, start with your shoes -ies,
Shine each place up, make it look like new,
Shine your face up, wear a smile, or two,
Shine your these and tho -sies,
You'll find that ev' -ry -thing will turn out fine,
Folks will shine up to ya, Ev' -ry -one will how -dy -do ya,
You'll make the whole world shine.
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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