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Sleepy Time Gal
Words by Joseph Alden and Raymond B. Egan, Music by Ange Lorenzo and Richard A. Whiting - 1925
G Eb7 G            D7 G
- Eb7 G            D7 G
B7 E B7 Em
G Eb7 A9          A7 D7
G -                Eb7 D7 -
- - Gmaj7 G           F#7   F7
E7 -      C#m  Adim   E7 A9 -       A7   F#m    A7
F#m - D7 -                      D+
G -                Eb7 D7 -
- -                B7 -              Em -           Cm6   Gm
A7 - G             Dm6 E7         Dm     E7
Am           Cm6 D7 G                  -          (D7to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Wouldn't it be a change for you and me to stay at home once in a while?
We cabaret until the break of day, I'll bet we've danced many a mile.
I'd like to see a movie once more, They don't keep people stayin' up until four.
Wouldn't it be a pleasant novelty to tumble in early once more?
Sleepy time gal, You're turning night into day,
Sleepy time gal, You've danced the ev'ning away,
Before each silvery star Fades out of sight,
Please give me one little kiss, Then let us whisper "Goodnight," It's gettin' late and, dear, your pillow's waitin';
Sleepy time gal, When all your dancin' is thru,
Sleepy time gal, I'll find a cottage for you,
You'll learn to cook and to sew, What's more you'll love it, I know,
When you're a stay at home, play at home, Eight o'clock, Sleepy time gal.
Jim plays this song in a medley on YouTube (time-stamp 2:15)

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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