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Words by Ray Charles, Music by Mennie Moten and T. Hayes - 1941
C - - -
G7 - - C             G7
C - - -
G7 - -           C             G7          
G7              Gdim G7 C               G7 C
G7              Gdim G7 C F7
G7 - C               G7 C             B7      Bb
A Gdim           Dm C     A7     D7      G7 C    (G7 To Chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Down be -low that old Dix -on -Line There's a place that real -ly is fine
Don't you know jus' what I'm talk -in' a bout! -Y'wan -na find out? Then take a trip with me
Down be -low that old Dix -on Line, Where the sun is hap -py to shine.
Where a friend -ly face is com -mon to see, That's where I'm long -in' to be.
Where the folks are hap -py and gay, And the eas -y way is the right way.
Where the bees make hon -ey all day, Don't you know you're right next to Heav -en down South.
Where the moon shines mel -low and bright, And the breez -es play tag with the night.
There's where those -sun down gals hold you tight; Law -dy how I love the South.
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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