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Them There Eyes
Words and Music by Maceo Pinkard, William Tracy, and Doris Tauber - 1930
C             Cdim      G7 C             Cdim D7
E7 C           Cm        G             Eb7       D7 G             G7
C - Am          G+ Am                  
C - Am          Dm D7
G7 - C -               E7      A7
D7 - G7 -
C - Am          G+ Am
C7              Cdim C7 Dm -
- Cdim C -             Cdim    G7
C - D7           G7 C        (G7 to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
I was just minding my bus'ness, life was a beautiful song.
Didn't have a care nor worry, then you had to come along.
I fell in love with you first time I looked into them there eyes.
You've got a certain li'l cute way of flirtin' with them there eyes.
They make me feel happy, they make me blue.
No stallin' I'm fallin', going in a sweet way for sweet little you.
My heart is jumpin', you sure started somethin' with them there eyes.
You'd better watch them if you're wise.
They sparkle, they bubble they're gonna get you in a whole lot of trouble.
You're over workin' 'em, there's danger lurkin' in them there eyes.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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