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There'll Be Some Changes Made
Words by Billy Higgins, Music by W. Benton Overstreet - 1923
Number 2 on the Hit Parade in 1941, played for 15 weeks.
G7 - - -
C7 - - -
D7 - G7 -
C7 - F7 -
G7 - - -
C7 - - -
D7 - G7 -
C7 F7 Bb G7
C7 F7 Bb -          (repeat)
8-beat intro. with 3 lead-in notes.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
This song is in the key of Bb.
For there's a change in the weather, There's a change in the sea,
So from now on there'll be a change in me.
My walk will be dif'rent, my talk and my name,
Nothin' about me is goin' to be the same.
I'm goin' to change my way of livin', if that ain't enough,
Then I'll change the way that I strut my stuff,
'Cause nobody wants you when you're old and gray,
There'll be some changes made today,
There'll be some changes made.
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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