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 Tijuana Taxi
Words by Johnny Flamingo, Music by Ervan F, Coleman - 1965
F C7 - F
D7 Gm C7 -
F - - C7
- F D7 Gm
C7 - F C7
- F - D7
- Gm - Bb
Bbm F              F7 D7 Gm7
C7 F -          (repeat all) |
8-beat intro. with 2 lead-in notes (Down In). Start playing on the word "old".  
Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Down in old Ti - jua - na town,  There's this hap - py honk - in' sound,
Some - thin' you just can't put down.  It's the world re - nown,  Ti - jua - na cab.  
So you're not im - pressed you say,  With a beat - up Chev - ro - let,  
But that driv - er man Jos - e,  Knows his way a - round,  Ti - jua - na town.  
Hey, ya wan - na swing,  Have your - self a fling,  
Meet some pret - ty thing?  Liv - in' like a king!  
Pict - ure post - cards "n" hot te - qui - la,
French per - fume from Ven - e - zu - e - la,
When your on a Ti - jua - na tax - i ride.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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