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Ukulele Lady
Words by G. Kahn, Music by R. Whitting - Copyright 1925 by Irving Berlin, Inc.
F                   C7 F C#7              C7 F
-                    C7 - C#7              C7 F
Dm - Am -           G7
F - G7 C7
F          Am Dm        C7 F           Am Dm        F
Gm       C7 Gm        C7 Gm        C7 F
-           Am Dm        C7 F           Am Dm        F
Gm       C7 Gm        C7 Gm        C7 F
Bb - F -
G7 - C C7
F          Am Dm        C7 F          Am Dm        F
Gm       C7 Gm        C7 Gm       C7 F     (To Chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
I saw the splen -dor of the moon -light, On Hon -o -lu -lu Bay.
There's some -thing ten -der in the moon -light, On Hon -o -lu -lu Bay.
And all the beach -es Are full of peach -es, Who bring their "ukes" a -long,
And in the glim -mer of the moon -light, They love to sing this song;
If you like -a Uk -u -le -le La -dy, Uk -u -le -le La -dy like -a you.
If you like to lin -ger where it's sha -dy, Uk -u -le -le La -dy lin -ger too.
If you kiss a Uk -u -le -le La -dy, While you prom -ise ev -er to be true,
And she see an -oth -er Uk -u -le -le La -dy fool a -round with you.
May -be she'll sigh, May -be she'll cry,
May -be she'll find some -bod -y else, Bye -and -bye,
To sing to, When it's cool and sha -dy, Where the trick -y Wic -ki -Wack -ies woo.
If you like a Uk -u -le -le La -dy, Uk -u -le -le La -dy like -a you.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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