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Under The Bamboo Tree
Words and Music By Bob Cole - 1902
G Am           D7 G Am              D7
B7 -               Em A7 D7
G Am           D7 G Am              D7
B7 -               Em A7 D7
G                 C       Cm G                 C       Cm G                 C       Cm G
D7 - - G
-                  C       Cm G                 C       Cm G                 C       Cm G
D7 - - G         (repeat all)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Down in the jungles lived a maid, Of royal blood though dusky shade,
A marked impression once she made, Upon a Zulu, from Matabooloo;
And ev'ry morning he would be, Down underneath a bamboo tree,
A waiting there his love to see. And then to her he'd sing:

And in this simple jungle way, He wooed the maiden ev'ry day,
By singing what he had to say; One day he seized her, and gently squeezed her;
And then beneath the bamboo green, He begged her to become his queen;
The dusky maiden blushed unseen, And joined him in his song;
If you lak-a-me, lak I lak-a-you, And we lak-a both the same,
I lak-a say, this very day, I lak-a-change your name;
'Cause I love-a-you and love-a-you true, And if you-a love-a-me,
One live as two, two live as one, Under the bamboo tree.
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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