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Walkin' My Baby Back Home
Words and Music by Roy Turk, Fred E. Ahlert, Harry Rihman - 1930
Number 1 on the Hit Parade in 1952, played for 12 weeks.
Verse:----------- ------------------ ------------------ ------------------
F7          Bb7 Eb F7        Bb7 Eb       Eb7
Ab         Abm Eb         C7 Bbm      D7 Gm
Cdim      F7 Bb         G7 C7        F7 Bb7
Chorus:--------- ------------------ ------------------ ------------------
Eb - - F7
Bb7 - - Eb       Bb7
Eb - - F7
Bb7 - - Eb
Gm C7 Cm D7
Gm C7 F9 Bb7
Eb - - F7
Bb7 - - Eb   (Bb7 to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
This song is in the key of Eb, but the verse starts on an F7 chord.
I've an agreeable baby,  Likes ev'ry thing that I do.
Dances most ev'ry night,  Movies are her delight,  I sorta go for them too.
But when movies and dances are done,  That's when I have real fun;
Gee, it's great after bein' out late,  Walkin' my baby back home.
Arm in arm over meadow and farm,  Walkin' my baby back home.
We go 'long harmonizing a song,  Or I'm reciting a poem.
Owls go by, and they give me the eye,  Walkin' my baby back home.
We stop for a while, she gives me a smile,  And snuggles her head on my chest.
We start in to pet,  and thats when I get,  Her talcum all over my vest.
After I kinda straighten my tie,  She has to borrow my comb.
Once kiss, then I continue again,  Walkin' my baby back home.
Sing-Along on "Walkin' My Baby" with Jim and the WineLand Banjo Band (click here forYouTube video)

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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