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When You Wore A Tulip
Music by Percy Wenrich, Words by Jack Mahoney - 1914
Bb           Bb7 G7 C7           Gm7 C7
F7 Cm7          F7 Bb           Bbdim Bb
Bb           Bb7 G7 C7           Gm7 C7
F7 Cm7          F7 Bb           Cm7 Bb            D7
Eb           G7 Cm            F7 Bb            Bb7 G7
C7 -             Cdim   C7 F7            Fdim F7
Bb -                        F7 Bb                    F7 Bb           Bb9
Eb           Ebdim Eb Bb         Bbmaj7 Bb7
Eb             Bb+ Eb            Ebm Bb           Bbdim Bb            G7
C7 F              C7 F7
Bb -                        F7 Bb            F7 Bb            Bb9
Eb            Ebdim Eb            Cm6 D7           Am D7
G7            Gdim G7 C7                   C+ C7
F7 - Bb -    (F7 to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
I met you in a gar -den in an old Ken -tuck -y town,
The sun was shin -ing down, You wore a ging -ham gown;
I kissed you as I placed a yel -low tul -ip in your hair,
Up -on my coat you pinned a rose so rare.
Time has not changed your lov -li -ness, You're just as sweet to me,
I love you yet, I can't for -get the days that used to be.
When You Wore A Tul -ip, A sweet yel -low tul -ip,
And I wore a big red rose,
When you ca -ressed me, 'twas then Heav -en blessed me,
What a bles -sing, no one knows.
You made life cheer -ie, when you called me dear -ie,
'Twas down where the blue grass grows,
Your lips were sweet -er than jul -ep, When You Wore That Tul -ip
And I wore a big red rose.
Listen to Eddie Peabody play this song on the Plectrum Banjo

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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