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When Day Is Done
Words by G. G. DeSylva, Music by Dr. Robt. Katscher - 1926
Gm             Eb - Gm           Eb7 -
Gm            Eb7 - D7 -
Gm Bb -               Dm Bb
Adim - D7            G7 C7          F7
Bb A7 F7 -
- - Bb            Dm Bb
- G7 C7 -
F7 A7 Bb            C#7 F7
Bb A7 F7 -
- - D7 -
Bb9 Ab           Bb+ Gm D7
G7             F#7 Eb            F7 Bb -       (F7 to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
Since you've gone a - way,  One thing is clear to me,
You were dear - er than dear to me,  From the mo - ment you came.
Eve - nings, by your side,  I learn'd to love the night,
But the love - li - ness of the night is no lon - ger the same.
When Day Is Done & shad - dows fall,  I dream of you;
When Day Is Done I think of all the joys we knew.
That yearn - ing re - turn - ing to hold you in my arms,
Won't go love,  I know love with - out you night has lost its charm.
When Day s Done & grass is wet with twi - light's dew,
My lone - ly heart is sink - ing like the sun.
Al-though I miss your ten - der kiss the whole day through,
I miss you most of all When Day Is Done.

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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