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When I Grow Too Old Too Dream
Words by Oscar Hammerstein II, Music by Sigmund Romberg - 1935
Number 2 on the Hit Parade in 1935,  played for 6 weeks.
F Bb F Bb
F Bb F A7
D G D Gm
F C7 F C7
F -                  Bb F -
Gm C7 F -
Bb -                 C7 F Dm            Bbm
F C7 F -
Am C7 F -
- A7 Dm F7
Bb                F7 Bb               C7 F Dm            Db7
F C7 F -     (C7  to chorus)
12-beat intro.  Play 3-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
This song is in 3/4 waltz time.
We have been gay, going our way,
Life has been beautiful, we have been young.
After you've gone, life will go on,
Like an old song we have sung.
When I grow too old to dream,
I'll have you to remember.
When I grow too old to dream,
Your love will live in my heart.
So kiss me my sweet,
And so let us part,
And when I grow too old to dream,
That kiss will live in my heart.
Watch Eddie Peabody play "When I Grow to Old To Dream" (youtube)

Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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