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When My Baby Smiles At Me
Words by Ted Lewis & Andrew B. Sterling,  Music by Billy Munro - 1919
G                D7 G -                 D7 G             G#dim
D7 G               E7 A7 D7
G                D7 G B7 Em
Bm G7             Bm Em7            A7 D7
Eb7             G Bbdim        G - -              Bbdim
G -               Abdim D9              Bm D7
- Dmaj7        D7 -                Am7 D7
-                Abdim D7              D+ G -
Eb7             G Bbdim         G - -                G7
E7              Bm7 E7 Am -
C Eb7 G     D7    Bbdim    G C               E7
Am             E7 A9              D7 G -   (D7 to chorus)
8-beat intro. with one lead-in note ("My").  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
My ba - by's eyes are blue, as blue as sum - mer skies,
My ba - by's hair is gold - en hued, the kind I i - dol - ize,
And when my ba - by's near, I'm hap - py all the while,
For there is noth - ing in this world just like my bab - by's smile.
For When My Ba - by Smiles At Me,
My heart goes roam - ing to par - a - dise,
And When My Ba - by Smiles At Me,
Theres such a won - der - ful light in her eyes,
The kind of light that means just love,
The kind of love that brings sweet har - mon - y,
I sigh, I cry, It's just a glimpse of Heav - en,
When My Ba - by Smiles At Me.
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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