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When That Midnight Choo, Choo,
Leaves For Alabam'
Words and Music by Irving Berlin - 1912
Eb - G7 Cm G7 Cm Cdim
Eb  Cdim Eb  Cdim Eb Cdim  Bb7 Eb
Eb         Bb+    Eb -           Bb+ Eb       Ab   Abm
Eb                 Eb7 Ab Eb  Ab Eb                 Bb7 Eb
Eb         Bb+    Eb -           Bb+ Eb            Bbdim
Bb Bbdim  F7  Bb Cm       F7 Bb -
Bb7 - - -
Eb                 C Bb7 Eb -           Bbdim
Bb7 - Eb -
Eb                 C Bb7 Eb -        Bbdim Gb7
F7 - Bb7 -
Eb7 -           Cm  Eb+ Ab -
C7 -           C+   C7 Fm7 B7
Eb - G7 Cm G7 Cm Cdim
Eb  Cdim Eb  Cdim Eb Cdim  Bb7 Eb  (to chorus)
8-beat intro.  Play 4-beats for each cell, reading from left to right.
I've had a might -y bus -y day, I've had to pack my things a -way.
Now I'm goin' to give the land -lord back his key. The ver -y key
That o -pened up my drear -y flat, where man -y wear -y nights I sat,
Think -ing of the folks down home who think of me.
You can bet you'll find me sing -ing hap -pi -ly.
When that mid -night choo, choo, leaves for Al -a -bam',
I'll be right there. I've got my fare.
When I see that rust -y haired con -duct -or man,
I'll grab him by the col -lar and I'll hol -er "Al -a -bam'! Al -a -bam'!"
That's where you stop your train, that brings me back a -gain.
Down home where I'll re -main, Where my hon -ey -lamb am.
I will be right there with bells, when that old con -duc -tor yells,
"All a -board! All a -board! All a -board for Al -a -bam.'"
Arranged by Jim Bottorff
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